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sorrow, but simp●ly for the love of Him who bi▓ds us practise them, and who has promised●, if we seek Him, He will heal ou▓r sorrows and heighten our joys. ▓ One unspeakable source of comfort Sar●ah had: it was that her influence with her▓ father rather increased than less▓ened with him.Once every month s●he spent the Sabbath evening wit▓h him, and she felt that indee●d he loved her.Old Esther to▓ld her

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, even that when she was absent he was an▓ altered man.He sought empl●oyment, and after some difficulty foun▓d it, though it was of a kin●d so humble, that before Sarah ca▓me to town he would have spurn▓ed it as so derogatory to his pri●de, he would rather starve than have ●it; but now it was welcome, because he● would not be a burden on his ▓Sarah.His Sarah!—every dorman●t virtue seemed to spri

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ng into li●fe with those dear precious words.The very i●nterjections of that sacred name of God, whic●h had been once ever on his lips, we●re now constantly checked.“She does not▓ like it, my angel Sarah, an●d I will not say it,” Esther he▓ard him mutter when the accustomed phrase broke▓ from him; and many other evil habits●, that thought—“my angel Sarah”〃埅had equal power to remove.The bad m▓an seemed fast breaking from his si●ns, and it was from the influence of his gentle ▓pious child.The f


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ather was at work within h●im, and God blessed him through that ▓feeling, and through his daughter’s unceas▓ing prayers.Every time Sarah visited him ●s

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